"Give me solitude - give me Nature - give me again, O Nature, your primal sanities" —Walt Whitman.

Take a hike, look at a beautiful view, feel more calm. Works every time. Whitman helps also. There's an expression in French (everything sounds better in French) "aérer ma tête" which is equivalent to the English "clear my head," but more literally means "air my head." As we yogis all know, you don't empty the mind, you concentrate upon something that brings peace and quiet and so the idea of bringing some fresh air into one's brain is not only cute but more congruent with actual brain function and the best mind-softener of all: time spent in nature. This is up top of one of the peaks around the luxvilla at the door to the alps. You literally pass through 3 climates on the way up. - founder, Benjamin Sears.