Benjamin Sears of LUXYOGA collaborates with YOGA JOURNAL for their #DailyPracticeChallenge. 

WARM UP: You'll begin each day this week with 4 minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing, followed by Wrist Stretches, Spinal Rolls, Elbow-to-Knee Abdominals, and Bridge Pose.

DOLPHIN PAUSE: Practice One-Legged Dolphin, building to Dolphin Pose later in the week.

PLANK-TO-DOWN DOG REPS: Build heat each day moving from Plank Pose to Downward-Facing Dog, and get a small backbend in Cobra before moving on to Benjamin's two flows.

TWISTING LUNGE FLOW: After practicing a foundational lunge, you'll build intensity with several lunge and twisting lunge apex variations after day 3. Please note: if any pose is too much, revert back to the starting pose.

CHALLENGE POSE FLOW: Finish and wind down each practice with a foundational Triangle variation, a Warrior Interlock OR Extended Warrior pose, and Pigeon Pose to strengthen and open.

COOL DOWN: End each day in a delicious Savasana using Benjamin's technique to get the most bang for your buck with your relaxa

Posted on September 10, 2016 .