SORRY THAT MY FACE IS SO SCARY. But look at my tights and also some of us humans just have faces that look like that. So give us a break, k? If you haven't done anything annoying, we are not annoyed. 
Side note: I've kind of recommitted to working more intensively on my backbends. I don't have one of those backs that can just do it or spend a lot of time doing it. I have about a ten minute or so window to do my deeper variations before it's time to shut it down. What I have learned, in reference to my squeezed face in this photo, is that keeping it mellow while sustaining all the engagements that support healthy opening helps a lot. In other words, no need to smile like a jester if that's not your thing, but for sure keep it a little soft in the old grill #regram@benjamin.sears

Posted on April 19, 2017 .