@dienstanddotter tells us about her LUX experience, "Went to my 5th annual yoga retreat at Lux this year feeling a bit defeated with indescribable sadness having lost my mom this past year and taking care of my dad with Alzheimer's which has progressed dramatically since she's passed. Wasn't even sure I had my usual energy to enter the first yoga class. I departed, as always, nourished + much more present yet most of all with the reminder that laughter and goodness not only exists yet heals. I'm most grateful to share this special place with my daughter, year after year, and that we both have this sacred place to return to in our lives. A place that grounds + centers us and reminds to not take life so seriously and to laugh a lot. The memories and friendships we form together are the threads that bind us forever. Every year my journey shifts yet Lux meets me wherever I am. And allows me to do the work - "the thing" :) - filling my soul until we return the following year. The Asanas are the work, the "Yoga" is the entire experience at Lux. Thank you, Ben, for creating such a precious experience opening up your home and heart. And for knowing that Yoga heals and binds in describable ways from the inside out". 

Posted on July 27, 2017 .