First time LUX yogi (and epic diver!) @anne_sophie_m tells us of her experience last week at the villa; "This was my first LUXYoga retreat. There is a harmony flowing around, through and in the villa. I could not help but feel a steady and constant presence of something which craved and cared for my own growth as much as I wanted and wondered about this practice. This harmony was present not only in Ben and Erica’s epic classes, but also in the other guests, Chef’s meals and wine selections, and the staff’s gorgeous and unobtrusive hospitality. I came ready to work not knowing how rewarding the week would be: the introduction to Forrest yoga, a practice which unapologetically makes you meet yourself on the mat. There was a kick-ass intensity reached and a new depth of grace and gratitude reached. There was yoga, hiking, laughing, singing, eating, drinking and sweet friendship making, all woven with the laughter, light, and love which I now understand is LUX. I cannot wait to do it all again next year" #luxlife#villaasana #luxyoga

Posted on August 4, 2017 .