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#tittibhasana is out of the pantheon for the moment while I heal my wrist so here is a Crane that addresses the same flexibility demands and adds #fingertips and core balance & strength elements. I thought I was nailing crane until I saw the first photo. This is not the first photo. 
What of the wrist you ask? Well, I broke my right wrist in two different sports accidents both a long time ago. About a month ago it was getting sore and the obvious message was to stay off my hands. I even asked my wrist in a meditation "what do you want from me?" and the answer was "Stop pushing," which was applicable both literally and figuratively in that moment. But instead, like a proper dumbass, I trained handstands for two more days and have had to leave the poor joint alone for the last three weeks. 
Whenever I start to get all graspy for an asana, my body rebels. It's a pretty obvious message: Aparigraha - non-grasping, the fifth #Yama from the first of the 8 limbs of yoga. I find I'm greedier with my progress in asana practice than I am in almost any other aspect of my life. I'm not saying improvement is irrelevant, but there are many ways to view progress. Taking a few days off my hands and devoting that time to writing or my business would've shown real development. The pattern is so clear for me but the rut, the Samskara, is deep - I've been this way for a long time so it's a matter of forgive myself and move on to some more important shit. Like doing crane on Instagram. Just kidding. #regram @benjamin.sears