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To teach effectively requires a strong grasp of good information, a direct style of communication that represents a willingness to lead, physical empathy that extends beyond your own body and above all: authenticity. If you are not breathing, neither are your students. These days I'm working on feeling everything I say - Lux founder, Benjamin Sears.

Playfulness is part of the good life. LUXYOGA - and the #luxlife - a term we coined back in 2007 - are about setting up conditions for smiles to happen. Did you know that the name LUX comes from the latin word for Light? Here's one of our guests on excursion to Antibes, where Picasso once lived. 

A photo after some photos for a project with Yoga Journal that I hope will be useful. Yoga is inherently powerful, because the very essence of the word is balance - a state of mastery. So what we mostly refer to as yoga is actually practice - a set of tools used to make yoga (balance) occur. Efficacy is in the application. I have sweet, small. sometimes a bit more extended moments in my practice during which I know that I'm singing, that I've been tuned.

At LUX, yoga - and connection - is practiced mindfully, with attention to detail, and honed to meet each individual's strengths and abilities.  

Upcoming Retreats:

August 15 - 21 (Bikram Method)

August 25 - 31 (Vinyasa Yoga, Movement Articulation, Sound Healing)