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Another cosy night by the fire post yoga and a delicious meal! Does this look like your dream way to spend the holidays? We have some lucky yogi's arriving soon to enjoy this for our New Year's Retreat which is now sold out! #newyearnewyou 

Posted on December 17, 2017 .

The positive ego is the one that turns the off-balance feeling of a correction into a hunger to make it the new reference point for progress. You're not expected to find the whole way by yourself. The negative ego is the one that says it's more important to look like you already know, that retracts at a reflection. Listen, you're not gonna lose your ego in this lifetime. The ego is the embodiment of the supreme, so use it towards uplifting ends. Almost nothing is more hollow and pedantic than a yoga teacher preaching at you to lose your ego. Use that shit for good. Words, Benjamin Sears.

Help people feel. Hand over the keys. I teach for sense memory. For my students: to encourage the self-sufficiency that comes from knowing one's own neurology — simply how it feels to be in the center of the pose, where the edges are, and how the middle connects to the circumference. For me: the reminder, the kind reflection of those who let me lead that I'm worthy to do so. My god, the leap of faith they take. Words by Lux Founder & Owner, Benjamin Sears.

Our guests enjoy an excursion to Tourrettes-sur-Loup, where we love to visit a small local glacier called Tom's. The village is famous for cultivating violets which are used in the perfumes made in nearby Grasse as well as in specialty confectioner shops in the area. Tom uses the local violets in his ice cream. We recommend trying a cone of violet flavoured ice cream with a crystallized violet garnish.