brian nygard

As a Katonah Yoga teacher and Vipassana meditator, Brian Nygard is compelled to teach Yoga as way to live life more fully, simply and sensibly. With a formal education from the New England Conservatory of Music, and through years of study beside his foremost mentors Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin, Brian’s lessons draw from a wide vocabulary of music, yoga, philosophy, and embodied work.

In practice, Brian seeks to offer his students a playful forum to identify nature’s implicit pattern by  understanding forms for their function and employing metaphor to enhance the imaginations experience of the relationships inherent in every circumstance. A senior faculty member at many of New York City’s most established yoga schools, Brian has trained and mentored hundreds of teachers over the last decade. He has been a guest teacher at the United Nations, and regularly headlines workshops, retreats, festivals, and teacher training programs, both in the U.S. and internationally. He lives in New York City.


Brian is practiced and trained in: 

Thai massage
Hot yoga
Katonah yoga
Restorative and Therapeutics
Wim Hoff Method
Vipassana meditation 

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Brian is honored to facilitate Katonah yoga trainings and workshops and has trained and practiced in the Wim Hoff Breathwork certification