We all dine together and food matters to me. A lot. Organic, seasonal, local - all that goes without saying. Eating is a sacred pleasure that represents love of life. Here, you will love life because of how you eat. You will savor ingredient-driven cuisine fit for the great dining rooms of the world at a communal table overlooking the Mediterranean coast. You might wear heals or a hoodie to dinner but regardless of how you dress you will be nourished by fresh, local products and immerse in a lifestyle of balance that can’t be bought off a shelf. We don’t do diets - instead, you will develop criteria and practice a foundational Ayurvedic principle: enjoy your food and how it makes you feel. You will learn to pick your spots and understand why we have a gluten-free menu with bread on the table. You will have your individual dietary needs exceeded, savor three sublimely healthy meals daily and restorative juices after every class. There will always be enough to support both your practice and your love of fine food.