Erica Mather

My desire is that all of my students find themselves in their practice--their unique way of returning home to the person they always, and originally were.

Forrest Yoga supports this goal.  It teaches students to feel authentically who and what they are, to always be tailoring the practice for what is real and true at the moment.  It provides clear and repeatable alignment cues to demystify any pose; and ultimately, it gives you the tools to develop your own practice.  I live and stand by the phrase, "the final job of the teacher--the student no longer needs the teacher."  My job is to show you what you can do, so that you can be you, and I'm really very good at that.

I'm honored to be one of about a dozen people world-wide who have been hand selected by Ana Forrest to pass along her lineage.  Stewards, protectors, and teachers of the highest degree, we are called "The Guardians."  To maintain this privilege, we study privately with Ana in annual Guardian trainings, and publicly alongside her in her teacher trainings and workshops.  

You'll find me to be simultaneously warm and matter of fact.  I'm not the person to ask for my opinion if you aren't prepared to hear the truth, but I will rarely deliver my truth unsolicited.  I believe that students feel safe in my presence because they feel seen and accepted, as they are, with an eye for their potential and a gentle touch for their tender hearts.