Isaac Peña

Isaac Peña is one of the world's truly special teachers because he loves to give. It’s that simple. Yeah, he’s been in the press a lot recently because the New York yoga community looks to him for guidance (if you want to find your teacher, go look in Isaac’s class) but it’s not because he thinks he’s the man. In fact, it’s really the other way around. Though Isaac is know for his work with top contortionists and yoga asana champions and can bend himself in any direction, it’s his ability to teach teachers, and thus everyone, how to really understand the fundamentals of the practice that makes him special. Or it might be his singular flows and Thai-massage inspired adjustments, or the fact he stays long after class to work with anyone who wants help, or the really warm and fuzzy feeling people get in his presence - or maybe there are just a lot of things that make Isaac special. Isaac began his yoga practice in the mid-nineties, began practicing martial arts at the age of seven and was introduced to Zen meditation at the age of nine. Isaac has made several trips to Thailand since 2000 where he received certification to practice Thai Body work and also to instruct others in the art under the guidance of Chung Kal & Chaiyuth Priyasith.

Isaac’s style of practice and teaching have given everyone in his sphere new insights into the body and how to practice all styles of yoga, much like reading the Yoga Sutras provides a philosophical backbone regardless of what style of Hatha yoga you happen to practice that day. It's pretty simple, he gets you deep without cranking and his intelligent sequences coax the body to relax and strengthen simultaneously while always driving towards a clear and productive apex. You will do things in his class you never thought possible and leave feeling like everything is in exactly the right place.  Every class with Isaac feels like a workshop.