Jared McCann

I began practicing yoga in 2005 with Tricia Donegan at Bikram Yoga Lower East Side. It saved me - I know that sounds a bit cliche and all but I was 25 and my life was in a downward spiral. Always an over-achiever, scholar and a classical pianist since age 10, I found myself unemployed, supported by my Wall St boyfriend, and in an unhealthy party scene that was spiraling out of control. One afternoon - yes, afternoon - I woke up feeling particularly desperate. Something dragged me across Allen Street to Tricia's yoga studio. I am so grateful. Before my first class, the teacher told that I had yoga written all over me. Amazing how teachers can see the good in people - I just hated myself and wanted to feel better. I loved the class. I felt grounded in my body and calm. I went to class daily after that and my life shifted dramatically. I learned endurance, patience, and most notably focus. I used a focus I and forgotten I had to strengthen and stabilize my mind-body connection. If there's one thing I've learned about myself, it's that I won't give up. Things started to come together for me; I got my old job in fashion back and over the years made the transition into being a full time yogi.

Three years into my practice I began to study with Dharma Mittra. My practice transformed as he opened my eyes to the fun and creative side of an asana practice. And most importantly Dharma connected me to my heart. Dharma's compassion for all life is contagious. Through Dharma I begin to see myself in all living beings. 

After winning the National Asana Competition in 2012 I went to study with Mary Jarvis. Mary taught me how to be unlimited. After seeing her I learned to do any posture, any time, any place. She super charged my mind body connection through inspiring me to be even more present in my life and my postures. She has inspired me to offer my students the same endless possibility and manifestation of potential. I feel that she deserves a large debt of gratitude for training me to become the 2013 World Yoga Asana Champion.

Finally there was Ana Forrest. With Ana, I honed my technique in asana and learned to connect in a more mindful way to body, to direct energy internally. Ana inspired me to further refine my sequencing as a teacher and to get really present to helping people, holding students accountable so they can grow through the details of the poses. Although these four people have been my main teachers, there have been countless other yoga teachers that have helped me to understand yoga and the mind body connection. 

I still have a piano in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY and when I am not traveling to teach seminars and offer yoga demos, I love coming home to write music and play for my close friends. I love meditation, reiki, acupuncture, rolfing and a good meal. I love retreats at LUXYOGA because they represent a balanced approach to yoga and living. We practice hard and enjoy ourselves, and Benjamin is my yoga brother and someone with whom I've shared many hours on the mat, many challenges and breakthroughs. It's fun to work together.

Through my yoga practice I have transformed my body, mind, emotional self, and soul. Yoga is a powerful tool for human evolution. I am inspired to help others create a sense of peace, joy, and love in their lives and I am driven to keep practicing and learning so I can keep giving and growing. As a teacher I offer a balance of determination, playfulness and physical details that allows students to lose themselves in the practice and believe in themselves.