SPRING/Summer 2019

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Join us in spirit,

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Summer of LUX



The LUXYOGA villa and our off-site cottages are a like a boutique hotel: prices vary based on your choice of room. Rates range from $2450 to $7450 per person. View current room availability and details for each retreat by selecting a retreat link from the list above. To learn about our rooms, visit accommodations. 

Parties of 3 or more that want to book together, please email for special arrangements and booking options. For fully exclusive private retreats, visit our Bespoke page. 

words for the wise

You will practice with world-renowned teachers that care more about you than the pose and yet understand that the way you practice poses is crucial to your progress. Your teachers will care deeply about the curriculum you present and the long arc of its effects upon you after your retreat. You will learn about your body, mind and heart in ways that will support you in any yoga class, sport or boardroom. You will become strong, flexible, and focused. You will take classes that harness group energy and treat everyone equally. Workshops and photo analysis will deepen your understanding. You will practice many hours of yoga and improve by upping your skill to effort into grace and growth.  You will be asked to concentrate and practice within healing boundaries and you will learn where those boundaries are so that you extend them. You will be welcomed and supported. Every class will feel like a victory. You will do all this with two teachers and fewer than 15 fellow students. You will find new joy in the details and return home inspired.

This is our practice, the fruit of decades of combined experience.  We give everything we know that safely builds awareness, flexibility and strength to align and ground you in relation to your body and the world. LUXYOGA will not conform you to a specific style but give you the physical and mental tools to transcend the variables of life. This is how we practice, and we are proud to train champions and first-timers side-by-side. Enjoy candid photos from recent retreats on our Facebook page.