The LUX Mission

The LUX mission is to provide a space open to all people that combines a true yoga immersion with a luxury vacation in a comfortable atmosphere.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enjoy yourself immensely, practice with purpose, and use the retreat to create your vision of a beautiful life. 


The name LUXYOGA, like a LUX retreat, is the sum of its beautiful parts. When I was about six, my dad taught me Latin phrases. ”Lux et Veritas,” or “Light and Truth” stuck with me. LUX embodies my vision of luxury, a combination of my mom’s elegance and generosity, the inner light of the soul, and the chance to live your truth through the practice of yoga. YOGA tells you we practice yoga, but more than that, yoga in its simplest Sanskrit form means union. LUXYOGA joins luxury and yoga, vacation and immersion, your light and your truth. LUXlife is living your truth yearlong, your heart full of LUX no matter where the world, life, love and work take you. LUXlife is as much sneaking a class at the end of a day slammed with meetings or squeezing in a trip to the market for something fresh for dinner as it is a week in the South of France.

LUXlife is the ultimate luxury: the presence of mind to treat yourself with love and respect.


I signed up for my first teacher training under the comical impression that I’d be a yoga master by the end of the curriculum. Little did i know that I was to effectively graduate from yoga kindergarten. Nonetheless, I had hatched a vision of a yoga retreat that was to hasten the arc of my development as a teacher and become my life’s work. As I transitioned from a life of suits, meetings, drinks and parties towards introspection and self-betterment, I never lost my joie de vivre, my love of life. I grew up blessed in a family that valued food and art and books and beauty and time together. LUXYOGA is the best of me and my life, offered to you. The space is my family’s private villa, outfitted as a boutique luxury hotel and the idea is to provide what you can find in no other place: all the purpose and growth of a proper yoga immersion in a luxurious space with a level of personalization that you’d never find at a spa or hotel. With my mom’s blessing and support, I opened the doors in 2007 for our first retreat ever and basically begged a group of New Yorkers to come along. We’ve had a minimum of one returning guest on every retreat since. Guests become friends and we have a number of guests who have been back to the villa five and six times. Mom herself finally did two retreats in 2012 and my dad has always nurtured my belief in the practicality of the esoteric. I am proud that the connections made at the villa continue to expand outwards long after each retreat and I love catching up with LUX family in New York; and around the world. 

- Benjamin Sears