Dec 28, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020

with Benjamin Sears & Brian Nygard
Intelligent Yoga practices plus mobility, strength, meditation & cozy luxury in the South of France.

50% Deposit - Dec 28-Jan 3, 2020 Vinyasa & Katonah with Benjamin Sears & Brian Nygard
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Eurostar Share:  $2,950 per guest for the share, female only, shared bath
Eurostar Private: $4285 (1 guest, private room, shared bath)
The Concord:  $5,250 (1 guest), $3450 each (2 guests)booked
Great Gatsby Suites:  $6,150 (1 guest), $3895 each (2 guests)booked
The Temple Suite:  $7,450 (1 guest), $5,150 each (2 guests)
Luxury Guest Cottages:  $3,350 (1 guest), ($2,750 each (2 guests)
Yogi’s Choice: $1,850.00 booked
*Groups of 3 or more, email for options
Check-in begins: Dec 28, 2019 8AM | Check-out: Jan 3, 2020 12PM
Visit accommodations for details on the villa rooms.

The South of France was originally a Winter destination – think European gentry and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the famous novel Tender is the Night.  The sky in winter is an unforgettable deep purple, and the fall harvest brings incredible produce to our table. France is a wonderful destination for Holiday cheer, it’s warm and sunny enough to relax by the pool between classes, and at night it’s time for roaring fires and good company. All this surrounds and supports your immersion with world-renowned Yoga teachers. 

After the September 2019 LUX x Katonah Retreat with our founder Benjamin Sears and Brian Nygard sold out in barely a week, we decided make our annual New Year’s retreat the 2nd collaboration between this exceptional duo. Brian Nygard is one of a few teachers selected to facilitate Katonah Yoga trainings, and a respected mentor in the New York Yoga community. He has a diverse resume that spans Vipassana meditation, Hot and Vinyasa Yoga, Wim Hoff Breath-work, and a career as a professional musician. 

LUXYOGA is all about integration; bringing people and practices together for an experience of great pieces that combine to exceed the sum of their parts – and your expectations. 

Benjamin and Brian are teachers and friends who share a belief in a fine balance between consistency and variation in practice. Teaching what works from different disciplines in a cohesive and connected way empowers students to think for themselves and best express their individual potential. On this retreat, you will improve your practice and awareness by repeating concepts in different applications. By exploring a curated set of movement and stillness variations while centered on fundamentals, you become radiant; up for any challenge, happy in your body, and self-reliant! 

This retreat is open to all levels and ages and counts as 20 Hours of Continuing Education Credit for Yoga Teachers. We have hosted guests of all ages from all over the world. All are welcome here. 

The practical magic of Katonah Yoga • Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Practice; a dynamic practice rooted in Katonah principles Meditation Functional Mobility inspired by Functional Range Conditioning to optimize your Yoga and general capacity • Legendary LUXYOGA cuisine, villa & service • Biodynamic Wine Tasting • Insider’s South of France Excursions 

Good Morning! 
Each day will begin with variations on Katonah Yoga Practice, Benjamin’s signature Sacred Geometry Yoga Practice, breathwork and meditation. 

Bon Appétit
The legendary LUX Provençal lunch buffet and a little downtime, unparalleled views, pool time. 

Afternoon: Relax/Excursions/Practices
Two afternoons will feature excursions that balance the cultural and cosmopolitan side of the South of France with the stunning nature of the hills of Provençe.

The remaining 4 afternoons will feature a second practice that from your teachers’ broad knowledge, tailored to ensure that you leave the retreat not only having made significant strides, but also with the tools to continue to work towards optimal health and performance. In a world of fad workouts, depth of focus on the component parts of your body combines with your own best effort for the results you want. Self-knowledge is power and at any level, you can train like the world’s best and/or find a path forward from an injury you might be dealing with. 

Gatsby Vibes
In the evening, guests will gather for aperitifs while the sun sets over the Mediterranean and then savor legendary LUX cuisine and local biodynamic wines. Two optional excursions, time in nature, airport transfers, and the cozy luxury treatment that we’ve refined since 2007 are of course all included.  

We believe that a vacation can change your life, that empowered living is about evolving mind-body practices over fitness fads, that people deserve to eat memorable cuisine that comes from local sources, and that luxury is about giving people the space to connect, make memories, and get clear on what you want out of life when you head back home. 

To pay by credit card, use the link below to make a 50% or full payment. Bookings are limited and are first-come, first-served. Credit card payments are accepted with a minimal processing fee. All payments to LUXYOGA are non-refundable. Cancellations and credits are not possible. To pay your deposit or total via bank transfer, email us at to confirm your spot and a bank transfer details will be sent. Payment must be received within 48hrs to secure your reservation.

Upon arrival in Nice, your week in the LUXlife begins. Pick-up and drop off to Nice, France airport or hotel is included in your package. Our concierge will be in touch for your flight details. LUXYOGA is not responsible for your travel to and from Nice, France or any travel-related issues or delays. LUXYOGA is tax-deductible for all yoga professionals.

**** PLEASE NOTE: To book within 45 days of the retreat, you must pay in full. Final 50% payment due 45 days prior to retreat


“The LUXYOGA retreat experience is everything you could want in a week long vacation. It is the vacation you wish existed in multiple locations around the world - but as there can only be ONE Lux, Benjamin Sears and his team of dedicated staff have seen me come back for my 7th retreat. The yoga is - needless to say - world class. Ben is the red thread throughout all retreat types and functions as an articulate teacher / guide, able to communicate the messages of yoga well to all levels of participants. Whether you come for Vinyasa, Hot Yoga or another yoga / movement style, Ben has ensured to partner only with teachers he respects. The villa location and the villa itself lends itself to being off the grid / away from your normal everyday world for the time you are there - it offers an opportune time to ponder, release and relax - and come back renewed. Last but not least - LUXYOGA attracts your tribe - so expect to come away with strong bonds to yoga folk that are (also) into good food and wine with a healthy wanderlust component!”
Eleonora Jovanovic

“Have loved visiting LUXYOGA for many years. Have also spent both the Christmas and New Year's week at the villa. Always look forward to meeting the other guests, enjoying delicious food, and the company of Ben & staff. It's a great week of reflection, real work on my yoga and myself, and I gratefully unplug from my crazy life to recharge and refocus on what is important. Its unquestionably one of the best things I do for myself and I highly recommend the LUXYOGA experience regardless of your level of yoga fitness.”
Marya J. Propis

"Though the subject matter of yoga archetypes can go deep, Brian kept an incredibly light tone. Complementing the lightness in his personality is a lyrical quality to his language. His word choice is both entertaining and enriching.When I left the room, I felt refreshed and ready to get back to the hustle, but in a much more mindful way.’
– Yoga Sleuth NYC

“Having hired Brian Nygard to teach yoga classes at several technology conferences, I cannot recommend him enough. Brian is always responsive to the unique needs of a given group, customizes the class to tackle participants' most important challenges, and helps those he teaches find an inner strength they did not know they had -- all in an hour or less. Even when instructing a room full of first-timers, it is clear that Brian has a gift for his practice.“
- Andy Rossmeissl, Co-Founder Brighterplanet

”A class with Brian is something I truly relish. From the start, it is clear that his knowledge and understanding of Yoga is expansive; and as the class goes on, and as you learn more about Brian, the clarity of the deeply rooted connection he shares with Yoga and the practice becomes sharper and sharper. What may be most impressive is that even though he seems to be plugged into a higher echelon in terms of his connection with and understanding of Yoga, he is able to funnel all of that into an graspable, yet very meaningful experience for someone who may not have grown to his level yet. Nothing is loss in the process; it carries a beautifully authentic and non-imported feel. I leave every class with Brian feeling energized, refreshed, and more developed.”
-The New York Running Company

Full Payment - Dec 28-Jan 3, 2020 Vinyasa & Katonah Yoga Retreat with Benjamin Sears and Brian Nygard
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Benjamin Sears is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, and all Yoga Alliance certified teachers will receive 20 Continuing Education hours to add to their resume and maintain certification compliance.

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