Rebecca Kovacs

I appreciate structure and I love to draw outside the lines. I like color and splashes but get that you have to develop your palate. It’s a “discipline breeds freedom” kind of approach. I'm a softy with a ready smile yet have developed the ability to hold space; sacred, safe and playfully challenging. My journey in both practice and teaching has truly been through the body to the mind and spirit. I feel powerfully and have been gifted a body that moves in an expressive way, allowing me to reveal the nuances of the pose through demonstration. Through teaching and practice I have developed my own descriptive narrative on form, alignment and devotion. To me, yoga poses are sacred geometry. Each shape mindfully crafted tunes the body and mind to awareness, understanding and positivity. As both teacher and a student I create a practice that applies to life off of the mat. Yes, through improving the body, but more so by learning how practice can guide us towards a fulfilled life. I'm devoted to integration. The real yoga is how we walk the walk, not just how we bend on our mats. Compassion is powerful and it starts on the inside. It's practicing yoga asana in a mindful way and it's being kind and firm - attuned to the moment. Yoga, and teaching more than anything, has lead me to appreciate the unity within the great diversity of our world. Helping people makes me happy - this path is my dharma, my purpose.

I have explored a many directions in this life and and somehow it all added up to Yoga. Once again, the doorway was the body, but you could say I entered backwards. I found yoga while I was training to be professional boxer. One of the great ironies of my life, no doubt, as I don't even want to make a loud noise these days let alone hurt the smallest creature, but nonetheless my record as an amateur stands at a perfect 3-0. I’ve been a bodyworker for 18 years, but back to the irony thing, it was the boxing that led me to yoga 13 years ago to balance the rigors of training. This year marks a decade of teaching. After completing my first teacher training in Sedona, Arizona at 7 Centers Yoga Arts, I jumped into the deep end and immediately opened a yoga school, The Yoga Hut, in San Diego. A space that will always be dear to my heart, the Yoga Hut was a dream; a lab for me to work with students on a daily basis and develop as a teacher. It was a busy blessing: from dawn to dusk I took care of the space and offered the classes. It was total surrender to the unknown and I learned and gave so much. My journey as a student was far from over, however, and I sold the studio to move to New York and study full time with my teacher Sri Dharma Mittra.

It is through the lineage of Dharma Mittra primarily that I offer classes, seminars and trainings throughout the world. After years on Dharma's teacher training staff, I have been riding high on opportunities to travel, share and give. From Israel to Europe, the Eastern and Western coasts of North America into Central and South America, I am truly to grateful for the worldwide yoga community and my place in it. I continued my education via self practice and a certification from the primary Kundalini Yoga school in the United States. Yogic Science is my daily dose. I practice as an offering to my teachers and the world itself and in return, yoga has rebooted and upgraded my operating systems and lead me to reclaim co-creation of my life. I am thrilled to be a part of the LUX vibe and do a little to uplift the collective consciousness. You can count on informative, inspiring classes that lead you to greater physical awareness and a higher frequency of mind. My classes are infused with breath technique (pranayama), sound vibration (mantra), poses (asana), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and mediation (dhyana). It's been a long road for me and I've found a way to enjoy my travels. I hope to share the movement with you.