Tatiana Depillo

I believe that we learn by practice – whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. Practice counts. I’ve spent most of my life sweating, rolling, stretching, dancing - in some way simply connecting body and mind because this integration is where I feel empowered. I think I can help you feel this. When I discovered yoga in 2002, my practice became a therapeutic refuge from a lifetime of intense training and the injuries that inevitably come from a pursuit that puts performance first and wellness second. I still wouldn’t trade a minute of it. Inspired by the healing and self-reflection of yoga practice, I have found a way to teach dance and movement that is not only accessible to all kinds people but also delivers the same type of profound physical and spiritual therapy as yoga. 

I bring the balance of precision and joy from my dance background into yoga and I reveal to my movement students how precise movements are the gateway to freedom. Everyone should be able to discover how practice reveals the unique beauty of the way his or her body moves and the joy of that freedom. I'm honored to teach at LUX – it's a magical place to improve your body's vocabulary. 


Timeline of Influences

- Classical Dance Training (Ballet, Jazz, Modern) -12 years
- Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics- 5 years
- Limon Dance Immersion
- Alvin Ailey American Dance School - 4 years
-Graham technique – 4 years
- Pole/Aerial arts – 6 years
- Flow movement – 4 years
- Ido Portal Method Movement
- Shai Farran Intensive


- Bikram College of india

- 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified
- Ana Forest Advanced Teacher training

-50 hour Katonah Yoga Training

-10 Hour Katonah Pranayama Training

- Elevated Pole Instructor Training
- Flow Movement Teacher Training

Performance Highlights

-Printz Dance company
-2 Years @MTV Video Music Awards
- Live Dancer for: 
Missy Elliot, Ludacris, Wyclef, Puffy, John Legend
-  Pdiddy: Vote or die campaign
-  Pdiddy: The White Party
- Morocco Grand Palmarie Pole Dancer: soloist
Aera NYC Dance Company - soloist
Pole-Esque Competition: Top 3 National Finalist
- Flow Movement DVDs:  featured dancer

Performance Videos