Tricia Donegan

I’m a community-builder. A compassion-raiser. A yoga teacher. A Mom. My yoga is a hot pink blend that is equal parts inspiration and perspiration and I use a big heart in a little package to guide students to get out of their own way and work harder than they think they can. I will help you find confidence in your vulnerability instead of your achievements and together we will peel away the challenges of the postures and every-day life so that you experience that how you do anything is how you do everything. I’ll be right there with you using everything we have; the heat, the sweat, the postures, your body and our beautiful energy to connect what is in your heart and your head to your desires and goals. I promise to give you a safe, supportive, place to empower yourself. I will keep you accountable to the best version of you. When your muscles fatigue, I’m going for your heart and we will rise together.

I have owned and operated Bikram Yoga Lower East Side (New York City) for a decade. It’s a family, and to many folks, I’m simply Mama T. I’m proud of that - that people feel at home in my space and that our classes are full and that what happens in my hot pink yoga room trickles outward to create a connected community of good people doing good work in the city and beyond. I think everyone deserves a chance and everyone deserves honesty and to be treated equally - maybe that’s why I keep ending up with celebrity clients like Lady Gaga, Goldie, Alan Cumming, to name a few of the local students.  I will give you enough air, enough oxygen, enough love to get you through, maybe not exactly when you want it, and how you are used to it, but have faith in me and in yourself it will all come exactly when you need it.

In 1999 I owned three restaurants in the Atlanta Empowerment Zone that I had opened on a grant from President Clinton. I wanted to keep giving but the stress of the restaurant life was knocking me out. In the end I opened what proved to be a very similar business: a space that nourishes people but requires constant maintenance, my yoga studio. As a former college soccer athlete, the kick-ass work out of Bikram Yoga appealed to me and in 2001 I became a certified instructor and soon after followed my heart and gut New York. A few years later, in 2004, I opened up Bikram Yoga Lower East Side. 

My proudest creation is Lula, my beautiful daughter, but I’m also stoked about NiteSweats, a monthly yoga dance party that helps fund the Lower East Side Girls Club, a 30,000 empowerment space dedicated to the young women of New York City. My ultimate goal is to live by the laws I practice by: give more than you think you can, take everything you need and continually create ways to Breed Compassion. 

I am thrilled to connect The Breed Compassion Collective with LUXYOGA.