The LUX Villa is a 3-level 10,000 square foot private luxury home outfitted to support the services of a boutique hotel. Views over the foothills of Provence stretch from the Bay of Nice to the Harbor of Cannes and beyond. The villa recalls time when construction was an art and space was to be quietly shared. Each room has unique and memorable characteristics and thus rates vary.

The structure of the villa breaks down the walls between us. Instead of tourists at a resort, we are family in a luxury villa with an impeccably trained staff that supports us on a journey of connection, vacation, reflection and growth. Open architecture brings panoramic views that stretch from the bay of Nice to the harbor of Cannes into the living experience. 

Mas is the traditional name for a French farmhouse and ours has been family owned since 1999 when it was extensively renovated to open the space, blending modern luxury with the found beauty of the classical masonry. The villa boasts one of the great views of the region. Because the land between us and the coastline is protected, we gaze upon pristine nature to the edge of the Mediterranean and beyond. Unique to the South of France is the ethereal feeling of being so very much away from it all but at the same time within arms-reach of the glamour of the riviera cities and the bucolic wonder of Provence. When the retreats are over each season and I have the chance to settle down by the pool or on my favorite terrace sofa, I am awed by the shifting beauty of nature and the restorative power of clean air and endless views.

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