Attention reveals the sweetness of simplicity. All tomatoes are not the same, and olive oil and salt are more than enough. 
In this #forrestyoga eagle warrior, the extended eagle arms lengthen the muscles of the back up from the attachments at the top of the pelvis and become a support for the head, down-regulating the nervous system with a back release and challenging balance. The movement of the arms is counter-balanced by the ribs going back while the pubis goes forward. All this relies upon the legs, which support it all. Did you think simple poses were boring? Go deep inside the pose and fill it with your sweet attention until it gives itself to you. #regram @benjamin.sears

Posted on November 19, 2016 .

Archival footage. I have about one lotus in me per year. Doesn't mean I don't keep working on the imbalances that make it a potentially damaging move, but the key to sustainable practices is to work on your body instead of your poses. Think of a successful practice as one that hits certain spots whether or not you get to your deepest variation, this way you can work hard in the right way, keep progressing and experience less disappointment. I don't know what "take it easy" means, but play it smart means use the poses rather than chase them and body and mind will thank you — unless you have a photo shoot, then just take some painkillers and go for it!  Words, Benjamin Sears

Posted on November 13, 2016 .